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   БЕСПЛАТНО СКАЧАТЬ Woodcraft №79 (October-November 2017)

Добавлено: 11-09-2017, 12:08
Автор: Lesly
Категория: Книги

Woodcraft №79 (October-November 2017)

Журнал Woodcraft — издание, целиком посвященное столярному делу, в каждом номере предлагает обзоры и тесты инструментов, оборудования, материалов, новые технологии и оригинальные проекты бытовой и специальной мебели для мастерской, дачи, дома, квартиры, гаража. Все изделия, модели и поделки представлены понятными схемами и чертежами, практически не требующими глубокого знания английского языка.


23 Build a Coffee table...Just the Way You Like It
Customize this basic design with breadboard ends, different finishing options, and special hardware that allows you to raise the top.
36 Build a Custom Live-Edge Bench
ESSO The slab is the star in this project. But your success depends on how you add the other ingredients—spindles, crest rail, and legs.
48 Super Slab-Milling Jig
Learn how to build and use a jig that transforms the irregular faces of a rough-sawn slab into dead-flat surfaces.
30 Success with Slabs
Put these tips and techniques to work, and you’re sure to get beautiful results on your next slab or live-edge project.
45 Get a Round Without a Lathe
You don’t have to be a turning expert to turn out dowels and spindles. Check out this cool router table technique.
Four of a Kind
Producing a set of identical table legs is a sure bet when you follow a smart turning plan and take advantage of the precision that’s possible with calipers and shop-made gauges.
60 Rock Out with a Soapstone Finish
Work some magic with paint to create a convincing imitation of a classic stone tabletop.
08 Profiles
• Vic Tesolin
10 News & Views
• What about wood movement?
• Microbevel basics
• Festool and SawStop come together. What’s next?
14 Hot New Tools
• Kreg Accu-Cut Circular Saw Guide Track System
• Damstom Panel Clamp
18 Tips & Tricks
• One-hand hold-down
• No-spin dowel sawing
• Simple spindle spraying
64 Buyer’s Guide
65 Ad Index
68 Expert Answers
• Resawing blade recommendation
• Government regulations for painting wooden toys
72 Wood Filler
A real body of woodwork

Издательство: Woodcraft Supply
Год издания: 2017
Жанр: Деревообработка
Формат: True PDF
Язык: Английский
Качество: Отличное
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